Social Media

College of Charleston Social Network Accounts

The Division of Marketing and Communications maintains College of Charleston accounts on Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. They are responsible for generating new content as well as posting appropriate information from various offices, departments and units. Other academic and administrative units wishing to develop their own accounts should first contact the Division of Marketing and Communications for guidelines and best practices.

Personal Social Network Accounts

Social networks and blogs are popular for both personal and professional use; oftentimes there is no separation between the two. When using social media, whether in a professional capacity or personal capacity, it is important to bear in mind that whatever we say or do online reflects who we are personally and as employees of the College of Charleston.

Your actions on social media networks and online communities are viewed and regarded no differently than your behavior in your regular community. Make certain to use privacy-setting tools in each of your accounts to appropriately limit your information, and if you are using your account for professional purposes (e.g., research, story ideas, polls) be sure to state your purpose clearly.

Social media, as with all technology, is in constant flux and the guidelines surrounding its use must be adapted accordingly. Any questions regarding current trends and best practices may be directed to