People Server

Information Technology provides faculty and staff web space to upload and house college related web pages. Faculty and Staff webpage are located at To setup an account, follow the instructions below or go to

Publishing on

Personal homepages are hosted on the College's homepage server, Individual site URLs take the form

Connect to the server with Filezilla

  • Open FileZilla.
  • Fill in the fields:
    • Host: s
    • Username: your COUGARS username
    • Password: your COUGARS password
    • Port: 22
  • Click Quickconnect to connect to the Faculty/Staff Web Page Server.

SFTP Settings on Dreamweaver

FTP settings for Dreamweaver

Quick Tips

  • You must use a Secure FTP program, such as FileZilla or Dreamweaver, to connect to
  • Your username and password are the same username and password you use to log onto your desktop computer and email.
  • Ensure that your homepage's filename is index.html, index.htm, or index.php so that you can be listed in the Faculty/Staff website directory. Please contact Helpdesk and open a support ticket if you do not wish to be listed.
  • Filenames are case-sensitive on It is strongly recommended to use all-lowercase filenames and abstain from using spaces in filenames.
  • Anything uploaded to Web space should be considered public. Do not upload private or sensitive files.
  • Users are given 200 MB of Web space. If this is insufficient, or you run into your quota, please contact Helpdesk and open a support ticket.
  • If you wish to upload media, such as movies or audio files, consider hosting on the College's streaming server instead. Multimedia can often consume the 200 MB limit rather rapidly.