Web Services

The Department of Web Strategies provides strong solutions and services for members of the campus commnity to convey the character, quality and heritage of the College of Charleston online, support the academic mission of the College, and to make critical information easy to access and use.  These services include:

The College Website

The College of Charleston's website www.cofc.edu consists of academic, administrative, special project, and research websites. UNiversity Marketing is responsible for ensuring that all sites are consistent with the College's brand and visual identity standards. Information Technology is responsible for the maintenance and support of the systems infrastructure and software necessary for maintaining the College’s website.

College Calendar

The College Calendar, located at calendar.cofc.edu, is the master event calendar for the College of Charleston. University Marketing manages the calendar while Information Technology provides technical administration and support.

People Server

Information Technology provides faculty and staff free web space on the People Server to upload and house College-related web pages. Faculty and Staff webpages are located at people.cofc.edu. To request a web account, please contact Helpdesk and open a support ticket.

Student and Clubs Servers

Information Technology provides students and student organizations free web space to upload and house web pages. Student web pages are located at stu.cofc.edu. Student club and organization web pages are located at clubs.cofc.edu. To request a web account, please contact Helpdesk and open a support ticket.


Blogs provide a ready-made platform, in a unique journal-style format, that allow you to get your information up for display fast – and, best of all, blogging requires very little technical knowledge. Request a blog account by contacting Helpdesk and opening a support ticket.

Cascade CMS

The College's content management system (cms) is Cascade CMS by Hannon Hill. Cascade Server provides a web-based platform for maintaining the College's academic and adminstrative websites.

Social Media

University Marketing and UNiversity Communications maintains College of Charleston accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and are responsible for generating new content as well as posting appropriate information from various offices, departments and units. Visit cofc.edu/about/socialmedia/



The College webcams, located at webcams.cofc.edu, provide views of campus through the College's website.  These cameras are maintained by Information Technology.

online representation that accurately portrays the character, quality and heritage of the College of Charleston, makes critical information easy to access and use