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Cascade Server

A content management system (cms) is a software system used to manage the creation, publication, and storage of web content through a set of common tools. Content can include electronic documents, audio, images, media files, and a variety of other assets. The College uses Cascade Server by Hannon Hill as its cms.

Logging In

Cascade Server can only be accessed on campus or through the College's remote access solution.

To access Cascade Server open a web browser and go to

Login with your Cougars username and password.

Cascade Server login

Cascade Server Training Video

Please use this Cascade Server Training video to familiarize your self with the process of maintaining a website using Cascade Server.

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Click on the "X" on the player to make it full screen.

  • Introduction - 0:00
  • Loggin In and Out - 0:37
  • Overview of Cascade - 1:16
  • Overview of Templates - 3:12
  • Creating Pages and Folder - 4:40
  • Editing Pages and Folder - 12:41
  • Inserting Links - 17:45
  • Inserting Images - 20.37
  • Bulk Uploading - 25.03
  • Moving and Renaming Files and Folder - 26.54
  • Publishing - 28:38
  • Deleting - 30:00
  • The Review Process - 32.01

PDF Documentation Link

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