College Calendar

Marketing and Communications manages the College’s Web-based master calendar, an easy-to-use tool for posting and promoting events on the College of Charleston website. The calendar includes detailed descriptions and information about each event, including the time, location, room number, map links, e-mail links, website links and other important details. The calendar supports photographs, podcasts, video and more.

Submitting An Event

Visit to submit an event to the master calendar.

Accessing and Customizing RSS

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is available from the College Calendar.  This can be used to feed into your e-mail, web browser, or mobile device.

The easiest way to get the RSS feed is to click on the orange RSS icon on the calendar page. RSS

By default the RSS feed is for all College events.  To customize the feed, use the Date, Category, Location, and Keyword filters to narrow your selection.  Click Search.  When the results display, then click on the RSS icon.  The RSS feed should reflect the values you filtered on.  This can be useful for creating custom RSS feeds, for example only Student Activities or Athletic events.