What is Kaltura?

Kaltura MediaSpace is a new academically focused media service that functions much like YouTube and is available for College faculty. It offers four ways to record and publish media:

  • Media Upload - upload a video or audio file that already exists on your computer
  • Webcam Recording - record a video using a webcam connected to your computer
  • Video Presentations - sync a video and file available in your Kaltura library to create a cohesive presentation
  • Screen Recording - record a screen cast that will capture everything occurring on your computer within a designated area including audio and/or video.

Possible Uses:

  • Upload tutorials and online lectures
  • House student created media projects
  • Embed videos in OAKS (Learning Management System)
  • Share links to videos for student viewing


  • Easy interface (similar to YouTube)
  • Simple video management (organize your content, search media, moderate comments, create playlists)
  • Accessibility and closed captions features (supports playback with ADA/508 compliant video players)
  • Options for privacy (set videos to be private, by invitation only, or public)
  • Easy sharing options (share link or embed video)
  • Discussion features (enable/disable comments linked to video)

Logging in to Kaltura

All CofC faculty already have access to Kaltura. However, you must first login in order for your account to be generated. Just open a browser and go to cofc.mediaspace.kaltura.com. Sign in using your Cougars username (without the "@cofc.edu") and Cougars password. Students can also access Kaltura to upload videos for your classes. For more information, contact ITServiceDesk@cofc.edu.

Training & Tutorials

Visit blogs.cofc.edu/tlttutorials to access the Kaltura tutorial created by Teaching, Learning and Technology (type Kaltura in the search box or you can access the tutorial directly at blogs.cofc.edu/tlttutorials/2013/10/16/kaltura-mediaspace).