Media Encoding Server

Information Technology Web Strategies offers a media encoding server which will convert most audio and video format to any desired format for use on the College's streaming media server or iTunesU.

Uploading and encoding Flash video

  1. Connect to server Magnolia and then go to the folder called "incoming". If you do not have access, email
  2. Upload your file. Make sure your filenames use all lowercase letters and dashes for spaces. No other characters, please. Also, please prefix the filename with your department name. Example:

Processing & Pick Up

That's it! Our server will then start to encode your files. Once it's finished it will be automatically put in the "pickup" folder. From there you can pick up the video and place it in you streaming folder as described above.

Note: We are unable to convert .swf, .flv or .rm files.

Supported Formats

To view a complete list of the supported import and export formats for the media encoder, please visit this link. In order to transcode from one format to another, the encoder must be able to both decode the input format and then encode into the output format.  Refer to this document to determine if your particular import/export requirements are supported.