Laptop Information

Student Laptop Requirement

All students are required to have a laptop computer.

Financial aid may be available - Visit Financial Aid for information on available options. Information Technology has a limited number of laptops and WiFi Hotspots available to loan to those students who cannot afford one.



Purchase a Laptop 


  • Windows 10 or MacOS version 10.15
  • i5 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 250 GB solid state hard drive
  • Webcam and microphone should be built-in


  • Windows 10 or MacOS version 10.15
  • i7 processor
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 250GB of solid-state hard drive
  • Webcam and microphone should be built-in 

Both Apple and Dell have established College of Charleston online stores where you can take advantage of reduced pricing when purchasing personal computers. Both sites include models recommended by Information Technology at various price point options.  You are not limited to purchasing a Dell or an Apple.  As long as the laptop meets the minimum requirement, any computer maker is fine.


apple logo Apple CofC Discount


dell logo Dell CofC Discount


Register your Laptop

You should also keep your original receipts and register your computer with Public Safety so that in the event that you lose your computer, or it is stolen, and you have to file a police report and/or an insurance claim, all the proper information is on file.

You can also register other electronic devices of value through our Operation ID Program at public safety headquarters.

Visit the Public Safety Offices at 89 St. Philip Street.