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Why is CofC switching student email providers?

This change is part of an effort to enable better collaboration between faculty, staff, and students, to improve email delivery, and to better protect your privacy and personal information. CofC Faculty and Staff are already using the Microsoft platform and migrating the student population will allow for more streamlined systems and better support of student success efforts. 


After my migration, how do I access my email? 

You can use the instructions in our knowledgebase to see how to access your email now that it is through Exchange Online. 

Access Your Student Email 

Access your Student Email (student employee with existing Outlook mailboxes) 


Can I continue to use CofC Google Apps for Education for storage and document collaboration? 

Yes! The only change is they will no longer have Gmail and Google Calendar. You can still use Google Apps, including Drive (10GB), Docs, Sites, Slides, Sheets, Jamboard and Classroom with your CofC account. There should be no interruption in service in your Google account or to our existing files in your Google Drive.


Will this affect my work in OAKS in any way? 

No, it shouldn’t. We have tested the users in OAKS, and the integrations found in OAKS, such as VoiceThread and Kaltura, and have found no issues. Because you are using the same email address, it should not affect your access to publishers’ materials either.


Will I keep my current student email address? 

Yes, your email address will not change during this migration project. You will log into your email with the same login credentials you currently use for other Microsoft 365 systems (such as OAKS, MyPortal, etc.). If you are having difficulty logging in or remembering your credentials, you can see more information on how to get logged in via our knowledgebase. --  Get Login Assistance 


Will all my old messages be saved? 

Yes! CofC IT will move your Gmail data (email/calendar/contacts) to the Exchange email/calendar/contacts. 


What if I currently have both a Gmail and an Exchange Online account through CofC? 

If you are a student employee with both an @cofc.edu (Employee- Exchange Online) and @g.cofc.edu (Student- Gmail) mailbox, you will still have two separate email accounts. Your student Gmail account will move to Exchange Online as part of the migration but remain separate from your already established @cofc.edu email. 

After the migration, other CofC systems that use a Microsoft 365 account (such as OAKS, MyPortal, etc.) will use your @g.cofc.edu email address as a username (where previously it may have used your @cofc.edu email). 

Why is IT doing this in the middle of a semester?

We planned to move the students to Outlook at some point because of issues with consistent email delivery in Gmail, issues with email security and Google changing its pricing and storage structure. However, in December 2022, we received funding from Microsoft to complete this migration, with the restriction that we spend the funds by the end of May. This is the reason for completing the migration so quickly. But neither of these address why we are doing this in the middle of the semester.  Basically, we need student involvement in the process for it to be successful.  By making the change during the semester we can more easily communicate the upcoming change with students and resolve any issues quickly and effectively.


I’m graduating or leaving CofC after the spring semester. Will this affect me? 

If you are a current student for the Spring 2023 term, your account will be migrated during the Spring 2023 semester. 

If you attended CofC after 1/1/2022 but are not currently enrolled in Spring 2023 courses, your account will be migrated by Summer 2023.  

Please note that access to CofC systems (including email) will be deprovisioned after a one-year grace period for former students- you can see more information on that process and how to migrate content after you graduate or leave via our knowledgebase. 

Former Student Access to CofC Systems 


I’m a new student coming to CofC in the Fall. Will this affect me? 

New students accepted for Summer 2023 or Fall 2023 will have an email created in Google at this time. New students will be migrated to Exchange Online by Summer 2023 but will not be migrated during this initial current student migration. 


Do I need to do anything now? 

You will be notified via your existing CofC Gmail account two weeks prior, one week prior and one day prior to your migration date. This email will give you all the details you need for a smooth transition. 


What are the benefits to you, the student?

Stronger cyber security. Microsoft offers a better ability to track and block malicious activity and better protect your privacy and personal information. 
Centralized collaboration. Integrating our students into Microsoft Exchange gives access to easy scheduling with faculty and others at CofC. 
Proper mail delivery. Exchange prevents important emails, especially those between our faculty and students, from going to spam or junk. 
Better productivity features.  In addition to a built-in calendar, Microsoft Exchange gives users access to an integrated task tool to help keep track of academic and personal to-do items. 
Advanced accessibility. Microsoft Exchange takes every measure to be accessible for users with disabilities. Voice navigation, assistive device support, and more make Exchange a top choice for users. 
Improved search feature.  Easily search email, calendar, tasks, and content from one area. 
Be better prepared for the post-college world. Many businesses (not just corporate) use Microsoft Exchange, so becoming familiar with the platform is a way to prepare CofC students for the workforce.