Portfolio Management Office

The Information Technology Project Management Office (PMO) defines, maintains, and manages the division’s project management standards, practices, and processes, including the management of IT portfolio of projects.  The PMO provides project managers and project teams with guidance and support throughout the project management lifecycle.

What is a project?

A project can be defined as any temporary effort to achieve a unique outcome (product, service, or result) with a defined beginning and end, and the end is reached when the outcome is complete.

What is project management?

Project management is a methodical approach to planning, organizing, and executing the work necessary to complete the unique outcome(s) of a project. Project management creates a standard set of processes, tools, and techniques with the sole purpose of executing these efforts effectively and efficiently. 

Project management can provide:

  • Better understanding of project purpose and requirements
  • Consistent and effective communications
  • Efficient coordination of cross-functional resources
  • Reduced and managed project risks
  • Improved quality of outcomes
  • Better planning and execution of projects
  • Increased ability to monitor and track the project progress
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities

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