The College of Charleston's Information Technology Project Portfolio:

Welcome to the IT Portfolio Management Office!

The CofC IT Project Portfolio provides a framework for the intentional identification, selection, and execution of institutional projects. In collaboration with the CofC community, the CofC IT Project Portfolio enhances coordination among institutional projects for strategic alignment and desired outcomes. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Portfolio Management Office (PMO) is to,

  • Enable a project management culture, to help ensure that large scale technology projects are aligned with the College of Charleston’s strategic priorities
  • Promote process improvements of business operations
  • Promote project management and business analysis best practices
  • Create a culture of excellence to enable core mission and strategic priorities

This is achieved via our guiding principles,

  • Academic and administrative collaboration
  • Data-driven and results-oriented
  • Strategic, long-term impact
  • Stewardship of resources


The CofC IT Project Portfolio is structured into six (6) portfolios with each supported by the daily operational services supported by the institution. Inclusion in the portfolio is based upon alignment to strategic goals, the scope of work effort, the capacity of required resources (time) and the institution (tolerance for a change), and the impact on our students, faculty, staff, and the institution as a whole.

The six portfolios are as follows:

  • Healthy Administrative Ecosystem - Ensure that all systems are fully integrated that would improve data flow, automate processes and reduce manual and redundant flow.
  • Healthy Academic Ecosystem - All systems and respective data that support faculty and students are fully integrated minimizing redundant processes and increases access to information that contributes to the College's recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Information Security - Provide a framework that provides access with security along with providing a blended privacy, physical and data assurance program.
  • Robust Scalable & Secure Infrastructure - Provide a robust, scalable, and secure network infrastructure to ensure that all technologies are maintained appropriately for stability and accessibility to network resources, systems, data, and communications modalities.
  • Decisions Support - Develop an extensible data infrastructure to support campus-wide decision-making.
  • Digital Communication & Collaboration Ecosystem - Develop a personalized and targeted digital communications and collaboration ecosystem that improves: stakeholder engagement, information & idea-sharing, knowledge management, and more efficient collaboration methodologies.


If you have any questions or would like further consultation, please contact a member of the Portfolio Management Office.