ResNet is a high-speed internet service that provides internet access to every student living on campus at the College of Charleston. This service is covered in the cost of student housing, so there are no monthly fees. Support for the computer network in the residence halls and historic houses is provided by Apogee.  For support, you can contact them one of the following ways:
  • Call 1-855-290-7138
  • Text ResNet to 84700
Check out for other ways to get connected.

Accessing ResNet

All residences use wireless connectivity.  Simply look for a network named MyResNet. For instructions, please visit

Setup Instructions

To setup your computer to use the residence hall network, simply connect your computer to the resnet system in the residence hall, open a web browser and follow the on screen prompts.  If you have any problems connecting to the system, you can contact Apogee for further assistance.

Contact Information

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