Remote Connections Off Campus

Information Technology offers College faculty and staff a method to remotely + securely connect to the College of Charleston campus network, referred to as Pulse VPN. Once connected to the Pulse VPN, you can access the following applications from a remote location such as, but not limited to:

  • Banner INB
  • SharePoint Server
  • Content Management System Server (College CMS)
  • U:/Drive
How Does it Work?

You can connect to Pulse VPN either through a client that can be installed on your desktop or through the web. It offers a secure connection using multifactor authentication that sends you a token via text messaging (SMS) to your personal or college provided cell phone. You will need this token and your College username and password to login to Pulse VPN successfully. Alternate methods of authentication are available for international travel or other special circumstances. We’re happy to work with you, please just notify the Information Technology Helpdesk at 

How Can I Get Started?

First, you must request access to Pulse VPN. Please complete the form at The approval process may take up to 48 business hours.

Once your submission has been processed and you have been notified by IT that you have access, you can connect successfully. We have created easy to follow tutorials that outline the steps to help you get started. If at anytime you have questions, please contact the IT Service Desk. The tutorials were designed based on the type of operating system that you will be using.

Mac Users | Pulse VPN. Please visit the Accessing Pulse VPN for Mac tutorial if you are running iOS.

Windows Users | Pulse VPN. Please visit Accessing Pulse VPN for Windows users to access the tutorial if you are running Windows.

Alternate Tokens | Pulse VPN. Please visit Software or Hardware Authentication Methods to access the tutorial if you are using a software or hardware token.

Account Profile allows you to view your Pulse VPN Account profile, security questions, and allows you to create pins for varying methods of tokens (SMS messaging, Software and Hardware tokens).

Supported Platforms and Client Installer Files

You can view a list of supported operating systems and browsers for Pulse VPN at You can also manually download the Pulse Clients for Windows and Mac operating sytems.