Network Connections

Wired Access On Campus

The College of Charleston offers wired connectivity in almost every office and building on campus. Our wired infrastructure offers a fast, reliable, and secure connection to the Internet and many campus resources.

Wireless Access on Campus

The campus wireless network provides the College of Charleston community with secure wireless network access within the boundaries of the downtown campus.

Remote Connections Off Campus

Remote access facilitates a secure connection for Faculty and Staff to campus resources such as network storage and administrative applications from remote locations through a web interface.


MyResNet is a high-speed Internet service that provides Internet access to every student living on campus at the College of Charleston. Call 1-855-290-7138 for toll-free technical support of ResNet. This support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Domain Name System (DNS)

Information Technology is responsible for domain names associated with the College of Charleston's domain and its resources. Inquiries or requests regarding DNS may be directed to

Building Design Guidelines

The Building Design Guidelines document describes the general guidelines and reference information for the design of new and renovated College of Charleston buildings and structures as relates to installation of non-vendor specific telecommunication infrastructure.

South Carolina LightRail

The College of Charleston is connected to the South Carolina LightRail, an advanced high performance communications infrastructure in support of economic development, research, instruction, and healthcare throughout the state.