Google Accounts for Alumni

College of Charleston alumni have previously enjoyed continued access to Google services like their student email address and Google Drive. However, due to Google's new storage restrictions, we are no longer able to offer these services to alumni. Google no longer offers free unlimited storage to colleges and universities.

Google's updated storage policy affects data storage limits for the entire College (and all institutions that use Google Workspace for Education). By limiting alumni accounts, which are not widely used, we can minimize the cost of providing adequate storage in support of student success.

Is your student email address associated with other accounts?

If you used your student email address to open an account -- Facebook, LinkedIn, shopping sites, etc. -- change your communication preferences or open a new account with a personal email address.

Can I transfer my Google Drive and Google Photos files?

Yes, you have until December 1, 2022 to transfer any files associated with your account to a personal account.

Stay connected.

Provide Alumni Affairs with your updated contact information to ensure you continue to receive alumni related communications.