Log in to OAKS

MyCharleston is quickly becoming your portal to many College of Charleston resources. MyCharleston allows the College of Charleston community to access a number of resources via a single sign-on.

Once logged into MyCharleston (, look for the OAKS icon (see image below). This will take you to the “My Home” section of OAKS where you will be able to access your individual courses. If you are not already logged into your Office 365 account, you will need to sign in with your email address (e.g. for faculty, staff, and student workers and for students) and MyCharleston password. 


screenshot of the MyCharleston login bar


If you cannot log into MyCharleston contact the IT Service Desk at or 843.953.3375.

Request an OAKS Development Course

A developement course is an area where faculty can try out different OAKS tools or can begin building courses that they can use in the future.  Development courses are only accessible to the instructor and contain no students.  If you create a course that you wish to use with students it is very easy to copy all content from the develpment course into a real Banner-generated course with a few clicks of the mouse.

By default, each faculty member has one, automatically generated Development Course.  To request additional courses complete the OAKS Development Course Request Form available on your Homepage inside OAKS --  Log into myCharleston and click on the OAKS icon.  Once inside OAKS you will see the Development Course Request form on the left-side of the window.

Request an Active OAKS Course

An active course is one that is generated by courses in Banner and contain students.  These are the OAKS courses in which you can teach and which students can access. All courses at the College of Charleston should automatically have an OAKS course shell.  When you log into OAKS you should see all courses for which you are responsible listed in the My Courses area of the homepage.  If you do not see one of your courses please contact the Helpdesk with your name and the CRN for the course that is missing from your list.  Please make sure that you are listed as the official instructor of record before contacting the Helpdesk.