The Business Intelligence (BI) team at the College of Charleston is committed to efficiently providing accurate information through the business intelligence reporting environment. By implementing best practices in data warehousing and business intelligence reporting, BI will offer access to the College’s data for all areas of campus. Through the organization and collection of data and delivery of that data made available through a best-in-class reporting tool, BI strives to support data driven decision making for the campus community. While ensuring security is a top priority, BI endeavors to distribute information easily to its constituents, allowing for self-service when feasible and supporting its community with report authoring, documentation, and training.


To accomplish its vision, BI will guarantee that approved users across all areas of campus have appropriate access to the information needed; ensure continuous improvement within the data warehouse infrastructure and reporting tools and techniques; respond to report or customization requests in a timely manner; be transparent with requests and projects; work with the College community in a collaborative way ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority; and follow College, state, and federal regulations for security and privacy.

Working with all areas of the College, BI will ensure that any user who needs access to data will easily be able to request access and that those requests will be taken seriously by the data owners. BI will work quickly to gain approval and train the user so that user can begin accessing requisite data within the BI environment.

It is important for the BI team to stay abreast of the latest trends and tools available for business intelligence. In order to provide the best information for its consumers, BI pledges to upgrade tools, install patches as needed, increase the data available to its users, and broaden the functionality of the tools either through new tools or training of new functionality or advanced features of existing tools. BI will provide the resources so that best practices are utilized by the BI community in report authoring, ensuring accuracy and consistency of data across reports.

BI will maintain a public facing website and utilize the knowledge base in the College’s service management solution to provide guidance and tools for campus, post author and consumer training offerings and documentation, and provide documentation to increase transparency on the work for which the BI team is responsible and documentation/training for users. BI will respond in a timely manner to all requests for reports or changes in data availability.

To ensure community support and involvement in BI decision making, the BI team will work with a select group of super users to gain consensus on work and on the priority assigned to customizations. This committee, the Report Developers’ Committee (RDC), meets so relevant decisions are informed by discussion with the BI community. Progress on any projects, training, or any other topic can be discussed with the relevant team members.

The College of Charleston, the state of South Carolina, and the United States have set forth policies and procedures to ensure security and privacy of all data in the BI environment. The BI team will work with the Data Governance Council, Data Classifications Committee, Data Standards Committee, and IT Security to ensure that it adheres fully to all policies and procedures.