Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is a centralized, institutional support area responsible for data warehousing and support of business intelligence reporting. BI serves as a resource for policies, procedures, and documents relating to data on the College of Charleston campus.  Additionally, BI provides Cognos training for faculty and staff and supports report writing by authors throughout the College.

Areas of Responsibility

Business Intelligence will …

  • Evolve Business Intelligence at the College to meet needs and take advantage of opportunities for expansion of Business Intelligence offerings
  • Establish data architecture standards for the College campus
  • Manage enterprise data warehouses with appropriate architecture, metadata, and documentation
  • Coordinate inclusion of non-ERP and newly developed databases into the main data warehouse
  • Manage access to data, while ensuring College policies and procedures for security and privacy are enforced
  • Recommend appropriate reporting strategies, solutions, and tools based on campus community's needs
  • Provide diverse training that is readily available to satisfy user needs
  • Promote correct usage of institutional data
  • Create, maintain, publish, and assist users with informative dashboards, reports, and other deliverables -- efficiently and accurately --  to satisfy user requirements
  • Select and incorporate applicable new technologies into the Business Intelligence environment