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Information Technology Strategic Plan

The development of the 2017-2019 Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan marks the second annual review of the IT strategic planning process.  The process will bring together faculty, staff and student representatives from the College community to review and update the FY16-18 IT Strategic Plan, while sharing needs, ideas, and expectations for current and future technology. It provides an opportunity for IT to better understand their users and for users to better understand the challenges faced by IT in funding, implementing, and maintaining technology in support of the mission, goals and strategies of the College.

Implementation of the FY17-19 IT Strategic Plan sets institutional priorities for IT and identifies funding to be requested for key initiatives to take place in FY17, FY18, FY19, & beyond. The efforts produced here should inform annual iterations and refinements of this process, thereby ensuring that IT fulfills its mission effectively and efficiently.

Strategic Plan Elements

Strategic Areas of Focus (SAF) – 5 targeted areas that represent primary strategic foci or specific direction for efforts and resources over the next 3 years; SAFs should address how IT will focus on closing the gap between the current reality and the desired level of service and support of the campus community.
Tactics – represent specific methods or efforts that are necessary to achieve strategic alignment; Tactics are starting points or directional statements for the work that is needed to align the Strategic Areas of Focus with the College’s larger strategic and action plans, as well as IT’s work efforts.
Goals – represent tangible measures to be reviewed against IT’s progress annually through the Committee and plan reassessment process; Goals will be designated as 1, 2 or 3 years out and should provide additional details about the need being addressed.

Strategic Plan Requirements

  • The plan must identify attainable, measurable IT Strategic Areas of Focus & Tactics that align with College institutional strategic goals, priorities and tactics.
  • The plan must provide a strategic basis for formulation of the FY15 IT budget request
  • The final written report: FY15-17 IT Strategic Plan, to include the tactics we will employ to follow the plan, must be produced and must be adaptable to annual review and realignment efforts

Strategic Plan Attributes

The plan must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound:

  • Specific. The Strategic Areas of Focus and related Tactics must be specific enough to directly align with actual funding and operational allocations; and also broad enough to allow for the operational flexibility necessary to manage technology at the College given the significant resource limitations and current technology environment. Technology goals should be specific to service and standard expectations, not specific initiatives or solutions.
  • Measurable. The IT Strategic Advisory Committee must work annually with IT to ensure the strategic goals are being pursued according to plan
  • Attainable. IT has limited resources now and limited potential to receive significant additional funding. The plan must take into account existing resources, ongoing efforts, other possible factors and changes to the technology environment when considering strategic goals and tactics
  • Relevant. The plan must address and support previously defined College strategic goals and tactics as well as the needs and desires expressed by the College community (and their Committee representatives)
  • Time-bound. The plan should be considerate of the fiscal year funding process as well as the fast-paced evolution of technology during the annual review process and in future planning iterations. This plan will provide strategic goals and tactics for three fiscal years and will be updated annually by the IT Strategic Advisory Committee.

Strategic Planning Roles & Responsibilities

  • Strategic Plan Sponsors – IT Executive Steering Committee (EVPs and CIO)
  • Strategic Plan Facilitator – Portia Prioleau, IT Director of Finance & Planning
  • IT Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) Members
  • Staff to ITSAC – IT Directors
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