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FY14 IT Plan Committee

In January of 2013, 24 representatives of College faculty, staff, and students and members of the IT staff came together as a Committee to begin the process of prioritizing IT’s FY14 operational goals. The Committee was asked to propose, develop and prioritize various candidate IT work efforts and projects. The result of the Committee’s efforts was then used by IT as a basis to formulate the FY14 IT budget request. The outcomes and lessons learned from the FY14 planning process will inform the IT Strategic Advisory Committee (herein proposed) in their effort to create the FY15-17 IT Strategic Plan.

For the FY14 plan, the Strategic Areas of Focus listed below were utilized in prioritization of individual initiatives proposed for the FY14 budget and operational plan. Below are the Strategic Areas of Focus used in the FY14 planning process:

  • Academic Enterprise Enablement
  • Information Systems Enhancement
  • Capital Projects Support
  • IT Infrastructure and Services
  • IT Planning and Management
The strategic areas of focus were developed from a comprehensive overview of the various sources of work and mandated priorities for IT at the time. Proposed IT work efforts and projects were evaluated by the Committee based on two factors:
  • Strategic Alignment (with one or more of these Strategic Areas of Focus), and
  • Impact (ranging from individual to institutional).

FY14 Forum

Faculty and staff were invited to provide input to the Information Technology Planning Committee at the Open Forum on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 in the Stern Center Ballroom from 3:00 – 4:30PM.   The Committee members as well as members of the Information Technology staff were in attendance to listen to and capture input and ideas about priorities for Information Technology in service to the College for Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 31, 2014).

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Progress to Date

Listed below is a summary update of progress made towards items identified in the FY14 Plan Committee and subsequently funded via the annual College budget process.  All of these initiatives support and enhance the College mission and service provision for College constituents.  The items outlined below provide far-reaching improvements to the College's current infrastructure, network and IT service provision.

This list constitutes the sum of all major planned and expected IT work during FY14 and are arranged numerically according to the priority assigned via the Committee evaluation process.

1. Classroom Technology Upgrade & Expansion:
  • $.8M allocated in FY14 to address 28 classrooms
  • 27 of 28 slated classrooms for FY14 completed by the start of Fall, 2013 semester
  • Planning of FY15 classroom upgrades began November 2013
2. Wireless Services / Converging Wireless Networks:
  • $200K was added to the existing budget for FY14 to accelerate this work
  • FY14 includes Phases 3-8: Randolph and surrounding buildings, Stern Center and surrounding buildings, Ed Center and surrounding buildings, Psychology buildings, and Foundation buildings.
3. Equipment Replacement:
  • $400K non-recurring & $350K recurring was added to the original allocation in FY14
    • $147K of this allocation was earmarked to cover recurring equipment replacement and capital project IT contractual obligations
  • Distribution Switches Replacement & Expansion
    • FY14 covered distributions in ECTR, RAN, and RSS. Randolph internal switch replacement has begun. External Randolph, RSS and ECTR will soon follow.
  • Wireless Replacement
  • UPS Power units & battery backups
  • Classroom Upgrade Replacement
  • Classroom Equip Hot Spare Inventory
  • SQL Servers for SharePoint
  • Virtual Connects for C-Class Enclosures
  • Remote Backup Appliance w/ licensing & 3y support included
  • SAN Switch
  • Temp engineer to install replacement equipment
4. PC Replacement Program:
  • $400,000 newly allocated in FY14
  • In FY13 the PCR Program replaced 452 computers across campus
    • 114 Apple, 338 Dell
    • Roughly 12% of College computer base was replaced, including 1 lab
  • The PCR Program plans to replace 635 computers in FY14
    • 385 already replaced; 67 Apple & 316 Dell (roughly 10% of College base)
    • 250 planned (125 Apple, 125 Dell)
    • Roughly 18% replaced in FY14
  • FY14 allocation includes funds to hire up to 2 additional PC deployment techs
5. Secure Email Gateway Replacement:
  • $50,000 allocated in FY14
  • Proofpoint purchased in October to replace Watchguard (existing solution)
6. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity:
  • Info Tech consultant group contracted to assist with these and other vital IT efforts
  • Disaster Recovery consultation
    • Currently reviewing possible consultation services & options
  • Data Loss Prevention (Security)
    • DLP solution was funded using FY14 IT Projects budget
    • Currently finalizing State-led RFP process
7. Planning and Implementing College Storage Requirements /Data Availability/ Compellent Expansion
  • $50,000 allocated in FY14 to Compellent expansion
  • HW purchased in October
8. IT Risk Assessment /Improve DataSecurity
  • Currently reviewing possible external assessment services & options
9. Assessment of Cloud Opportunities - Storage / AcademicCloud / IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - Specific to Storage
  • Funding allocated to facilitate Academic Cloud Storage, currently exploring options
10. Network Security Upgrades (including SIEMs):
    • Juniper STRM equipment customized for the CofC Juniper networking environment, providing the best interoperability with our current security architecture.
    • SIEM’s to monitor the college Firewalls were procured.
    • Additional licenses needed to handle spikes in usage
  • Vulnerability Assessment Manager
    • Software that automatically discovers databases on the network, determines if the latest patches have been applied, and tests for common weaknesses such as weak passwords, default accounts, and other common threats.
    • Purchased Tenable Security Center Software; in the process of setup and configuration.
  • Dell SecureWorks
  • External Security Scanner
  • JunOS Space Virtual Appliance
11. Security & Access to Information: Banner - Banner & ODS Data Availability:
  • Funding allocated
  • Newly allocated DBA FTE will support this initiative once hired
12.   SunsetofWindows XP& Rolloutof Windows7
  • IT acquired Microsoft EES institutional license to facilitate this rollout and subsequent Microsoft software needs across campus
13. IT Support for Distance Education
  • While no additional resources were requested for IT support of Distance Education, TLT has given priority to delivery of Distance Education Readiness courses in both Fall, 2013 and Spring, 2014.  With additional staff resources a 3rd, summer Distance Education Readiness course could be delivered.
14. Security & Access to Information Needed from Banner -Decentralized Reporting :
  • Funding allocated
15. BATTERY Checkpoint
  • IT obtained a total of 5 lines in FY14, 3 of which will support this and other high priority items identified by the FY14 Plan Committee
  • FTE lines that directly support this initiative:
    • DBA - interviewing
    • System Admin - filled in September
    • Project Management Office Director - awaiting State approval, estimated to post in or before January, 2014
16. Customer Advocacy
  • Director of Communications & Customer Advocacy - Monica Lavin – appointed
  • Permanently extended Student Helpdesk hours in FY14
  • Helpdesk customer service training
  • Additional training for Helpdesk phone and field technicians on both Apple operating systems and Crestron (classroom management) equipment
  • Creation and publication of monthly newsletters
  • Publish important information and announcements on the IT Blog
  • Create new process for scheduled and unscheduled system maintenance
  • Creation and publication of Hurricane Preparedness Guide
  • Increase # memos sent to campus (faculty and staff listerv and SGA correspondence to students)
  • Creation and publication of social media accounts
  • Creation of year-long IT Advocacy & Communications Plan for IT
In addition to the top ranked 16 initiatives identified by the FY14 Plan Committee (listed above), several other initiatives will be, at least partially, addressed through efficient human resource allocation in FY14. DBA FTE line allows IT to better support and address:
  • Degree Works
    • Ranked #17 by FY14 IT Plan Committee
  • The incumbent DBA is also expected to assist with #s 6, 11 & 15 above
Newly hired System Admin FTE allows IT to better support and address:
  • Degree Works
    • Ranked #17 by FY14 IT Plan Committee
  • Assessmentof Cloud Opportunities -Storage/ AcademicCloud/ IaaS(Infrastructure asa Service)- Specificto Academic Cloud
    • Ranked #19 by FY14 IT Plan Committee
  • Workflow Manager
    • Ranked #27 by FY14 IT Plan Committee
  • Luminis 4 Upgrade to Luminis 5
    • Ranked #28 by FY14 IT Plan Committee
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