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Background Information

The Need for the IT Strategic Plan

The College of Charleston has recently produced and/or participated in a number of planning and assessment efforts related to Information Technology, including:

  • The College’s Strategic Plan revised in February 2013
    • Stated that ‘All operating divisions will be expected to develop and implement their specific, individual strategies that align with this plan and that contribute to the continued growth and success of the College of Charleston, its academic mission and its students’ success’ (p. 9)
  • The College’s 2012 Campus Master Plan adopted in January 2012
    • Aligns directly with the Strategic Plan
    • Outlines potential and upcoming projects and other work related to campus facilities
    • The Campus Master Plan aligns College facilities with the Strategic Plan, no separate direction is mandated through this plan, however efforts outlined therein are an important consideration in time and resource allocation for IT
  • The FY14 IT Plan Committee
    • Established the basis for the FY14 operational plan using combined campus community and IT input
    • Identified 52 known, desired IT initiatives or projects
    • Provided the first collaborative planning environment for campus community and IT representatives
  • TechQual Survey administered by Information Technology in the Fall, 2012
    • Faculty, staff and students assessed Information Technology services in the Fall of 2012
    • Fall, 2013 TechQual Survey was completed on November 8, 2013
    • TechQual results directly inform IT of constituent opinion regarding available technology services and areas in need of improvement
  • The Huron Report completed in October 2012.
    • The Huron Report recommended establishment of an IT Strategic Plan
    • Executive Summary P.11 & Recommendation #1 P.15
    • This strategic planning process will establish the 2nd step to implementing that recommendation and aims to establish a rolling 3-year strategic IT plan.

IT recognizes the need to proactively address planning and operational efforts in order to properly align available IT resources to meet the College’s known, anticipated, and future technology needs and goals.

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