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Network Equipment Replacement


An upgrade of the equipment that connects the campus community to the College network is well underway. The upgrade of these devices will facilitate increased bandwidth within the College Network and position the necessary hardware to allow for additional network offerings in the future. Criteria for order of replacement includes support of the Classroom Upgrade, Wireless and Capital Projects; age of equipment in service, quantity of maintenance and trouble calls associated with geographical areas; manufacturer end-of-life, as well as areas of opportunity with immediately identifiable secondary benefits.

User Benefits

The replacement of the aging switch infrastructure will provide more consistent and reliable service as well as allow for the future rollout of additional network technologies. All users will benefit from increased uptime due to failure of aging equipment. Switch modularity in the newer models (hot swappable fan tray, power supplies) allow for decreased down time due to equipment failure. The increased benefit of added capacity, speed, and network processing as experienced by the end user will greatly depend on the manner in which the individual user utilizes the network and the current network infrastructure servicing said user. Users who utilize network intensive applications and who transfer large files will see more benefit than general users. The College will possess a network infrastructure well poised to handle emerging technologies and applications.

Fiscal Year '15

A list of buildings to receive upgraded equipment will not be published until the fiscal year 2015 budget has been approved and allocated.

Fiscal Year '14


Randolph Hall
10 Greenway
2 Greenway
4 Greenway
7 College
9 College
Buist – Rivers Residence Hall (Administrative and Classroom)
Central Energy
Porters Lodge
Sottile House
Towell Library
Wellness Center
Robert Scott Smalls
6 Glebe
4 Glebe
12 Glebe
16 Glebe
20 Glebe
22 Glebe
26 Glebe
19 St Philip
Education Center (ECTR)
14 Glebe
88 Wentworth
94 Wentworth
96 Wentworth
97 Wentworth
101 Wentworth
14 Coming
26 Coming
40 Coming
114 Wentworth
9 Glebe
11 Glebe
67 George


Fiscal Year '13


  • Maybank Hall
  • Addlestone Administrative
  • Lightsey Center
  • Lightsey Annex
  • Joe E. Berry Residence Hall (Administrative)
    Liberty Street Residence Hall (Administrative)
  • George Street Apartment (Administrative)
  • 284 King Street
  • J. C. Long
  • Bell 5th Floor