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Classroom Upgrade Project


Information Technology at the College of Charleston has embarked on a major project to upgrade the technology in the classrooms across campus.

The project objectives are:

  • to collaborate with the academic community to identify classrooms in need of a technology upgrade;
  • to provide an easy-to-use and reliable audio/visual experience for faculty and students;
  • design sustainable and scalable technology standards for classrooms that meet the needs of the faculty;
  • gather ongoing feedback from users to evaluate the overall audio/visual experience.

Our focus, based on feedback from the department chairs and faculty, is to add technology to non-technology classrooms, and also to target classrooms with technology that are unreliable and troublesome for faculty and students.

 User Benefits

The classroom technology upgrade will provide benefits to the users through:

  • user-friendly interface and control systems;
  • standardized and consistent technology design among classrooms;
  • flexible, scalable and future-ready technology systems;
  • improved audio/visual experience for students and faculty.

Sustainable Technology Design

Input from the campus community and best practices from other institutions are shaping the College's technology designs. For a list of the classroom technology designs, please visit: College of Charleston Technology Classroom Designs.

Impact of Chalk Dust on Technology Equipment

Based on over two years of experience and observations, IT has found that chalk dust is having a negative impact on electronic equipment in classrooms. As a result, IT will not upgrade the technology equipment in classrooms with chalkboards unless they are removed. IT and Physical Plant will discuss the best course of action for classrooms with existing chalkboards that have been upgraded in previous years. To learn more about the impact of chalk dust on electronic equipment and department options visit: Impact of Chalkdust on Technology Equipment.

Progress and Tentative Timeline

Fiscal Year 2013

Twenty classrooms have been upgraded for the Fiscal Year 2013. For a complete list of classrooms, please visit: Classroom Technology Upgrade FY 13 List.

Fiscal Year 2014

 Overall, twenty-eight classrooms have been upgraded as part of the fiscal year 2014 Classroom Technology Project. For a complete list of classrooms, please visit: Classroom Technology Upgrade FY 14 List.

Fiscal Year 2015

IT and Physical Plant plan to upgrade 28 classrooms for fiscal year 2015. 

Fiscal Year 2015 Classroom Upgrades
ClassroomScheduled Start DateStandards
ECTR 213 October 2014 Silver
ECTR 215 October 2014 Silver
ECTR 216 October 2014 Silver
ECTR 217 October 2014 Silver
ECTR 218 October 2014 Silver
MYBK 105 November 2014 Silver
MYBK 207 November 2014 Silver
MYBK 300 January 2015 Silver
MYBK 307 January 2015 Silver
MYBK 320 January 2015 Silver
BCTR 220 February 2015 Silver
BELL 312 February 2015 Silver
CAAN 105 February 2015 Silver
ECTR 107 March 2015 Gold
JC LONG 336 March 2015 Silver
ECTR 116 May 2015 Gold
ECTR 118 May 2015 Gold
RSS 102 June 2015 Silver
RSS 104 June 2015 Silver
RSS 106 June 2015 Silver

IT worked closely with the Registrar’s office to identify swing space for the above classrooms. Respective department chairs and faculty teaching in the classrooms will be notified of the following:

  • the exact dates the classroom will be upgraded (10 business days)
  • the appropriate swing space for the users
  • a description of the technology upgrade
  • available training opportunities for users in the classroom
  • completion date


As IT prioritizes and selects the classrooms, the following criterion is taken into consideration.

  • Campus input (Academia, Registrar’s Office, Facilities Planning, IT, Physical Plant )
  • Level of technology to be provided, and resulting cost
  • Space planning/strategic planning
  • Infrastructure (i.e. additional cabling, network and support)
  • ADA Compliance (i.e. building access)
  • Availability of rooms to allow the necessary testing and installation
  • Historical data from Helpdesk regarding classroom support requests

Training Opportunities

For a video tutorial on how to operate the technology equipment in the upgraded classrooms, please visit: If you are interested in SMART Board training, please visit: to sign up for a small group training session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on faculty feedback, IT has created a FAQ document regarding the new classroom technology design and process. You can view it at: Frequently Asked Questions - Classroom Technology.

Room Tours

You can view a brief video (M4V) of ECTR 102 and 120 to get a glimpse of the new and improved classrooms.

ECTR 102

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ECTR 120

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If you have any questions about this project, please contact Monica Lavin,

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