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Wireless Access on Campus

The campus wireless network provides the College of Charleston community with secure wireless network access within the boundaries of the downtown campus.

Mobile access to information improves our ability to communicate. Faculty, staff and students have the ability to check e-mail or their schedules from most places around campus. Access to the Internet is no longer tied to a computer in an office, lab or classroom. Wireless network technology is also beneficial for gaining network access in locations that are difficult, expensive, or inconvenient to wire.

Examples include large lecture halls, outdoor areas, conference rooms, etc. Wireless networks have their limitations. For example, they are slower than wired networks. Wireless networks are also inherently insecure. Tools are readily available to capture someone else’s communications, including passwords and other sensitive data. Wireless network users must take extra precautions and adhere to standards to ensure secure communications over a wireless network.

Configuring Wireless Access

Students, faculty, and staff can access a web based utility to automatically configure your device for the College's secured wireless network at

Wireless Network Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a highly reliable and reasonably performing wireless network service while ensuring network security and integrity and minimizing the interference between the campus wireless network and other wireless technologies deployed throughout the campus.

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