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Remote Connections Off Campus

With remote access, faculty & staff can access network resources from off‐campus. Remote users can modify files stored on network drives using available administrative applications such as Microsft Office. Users can only save modified files back to the network drives – users can not currently copy files or save files from the network to the remote machine they are working from or vice versa. Remote access facilitates a secure connection for faculty and staff to campus resources such as network storage and administrative applications from remote locations through a web interface. Remote access is not required to access resources already on the web, such as MyCharleston.

You must first apply for the Network Connect remote access. To apply, please fill out and submit the Remote Access Request Form to will be notified by email once your application is approved and your access is activated.


Begin by opening in a web browser. You should see the Welcome to the College of Charleston VPN resource page.

There are two buttons to choose from, Application Portal and Network Connect.

In order to access the College Citrix environment and internal websites from off campus select Application Portal.

Application Portal

To connect using the VPN thick client select Network Connect. When using the VPN client your machine will be checked for the safety of the College environment. Please have your antivirus definitions up to date and a full scan within the past twenty one days.

Network Connect

There are four steps to logging in via Application Portal or Network Connect.

Step 1 Enter your User ID.

Please select 'This is a public computer' if this is not a machine you use regularly, then enter your User ID below and click 'Submit' to access the system.  On submit, if you are prompted to run applet, please check 'Always Trust Content' and click 'RUN'.

Enter Your User ID

Note: The difference between the choice of public computer and private computer is the amount time before the system times out.  The timeout for private is longer than public.  Please do not choose private computer on a machine that is not secure as a malicious user could compromise your account.

Step 2 Select your registration method.

Please choose the delivery method for your One-Time Registration Code. You may choose to use your Knowledge Based Question, Email, or Phone.  If this is your first time accessing the service, the only option will be email untik you establish the answers to your Knowledge Based Questions.  Select your method and click the Submit button.

Select your registration method.

If you choose Knowledge Based Question, you will be prompted to answer two of your questions before proceeding during Step 3.

Knolwedge Based Questions

If you choose email, you will receive an email from SecureAuth eVPN Portal with a subject line of MFC SecureAuth One-Time Registration Code.  You will need the four digit code in that email for Step 3.

If you choose phone, you will receive a phone call with your one-time registration code. You will need the four digit code in that email for Step 3.

Step 3 Enter your one-time registration code.

Using your keyboard or the onscreen keypad, please enter the four digit Registration Code you received by email or voice.  If you opted to use your Knowledge Based Questions, you will not use a four digit code, but instead answer two of your Knowledge Based Questions. Click the Submit button.

Enter your one-time registration code.

Step 4 Enter your password.

Enter your Cougars password and click the Sign In button.

Enter your password



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