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File Storage and Backup

Highly secure network file storage is available to all college employees on high capacity network servers. Network file storage provides benefits such as nightly tape backup for disaster recovery, protection from limited power outages, information security, and network-wide access from any workstation and account within the College's domain. Network file storage is encouraged because data stored on individual workstations is susceptible to data loss and/or corruption due to power outages, hardware failures, and security intrusions.

Network file storage is not for system/computer backup purposes (i.e. operating system files, program files), but rather for daily use of individual and departmental files.

Data backups performed by the Server Administrators are for disaster recovery only. Disaster recovery backups are performed on a daily basis to provide a means to restore data that has been lost or corrupted. These backups will not be kept for more than 30 days. If electronic retention ofrecords is required, the individual and/or department need to contact the Server Administrators to make arrangements. Server administrators may be contacted through Helpdesk. Records retention means keeping a backup for historical/archival purposes and will be maintained at the interval required by the individual and/or department.

Network file storage is for official College of Charleston business only. Network file storage shall not be used for non-College of Charleston business.

Each employee is responsible for moving or removing files in network storage areas prior to terminating their employment. Server administrators will delete data in the network user storage area when an employee is terminated unless the head of the user's department makes a request for retention of the terminated user's data. In this case, the data will be moved to a location agreed upon by the server administrator and department head.

Account holders and/or department heads will be notified by email of improper use. After notification, if the storage area is not brought back into compliance within a reasonable time (not more than 3 days), server administrators may remove such data as to bring the storage area back into compliance.

For a tutorial on how to access the network file storage, go to:

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