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Classroom Replacement Equipment

The Information Technology Classroom Service and Support Center has created a program to replace classroom equipment that has failed during normal operation. This program is called the Hot Spare Program. The Service and Support Center has identified those critical components that are necessary to keep all the technology based classrooms and labs up and running. The ability to take equipment off the shelf and replace a piece of equipment that isn’t functional properly allows the Service and Support Center to take a down classroom and return it to operational status. The program effectiveness has reduced the length of time a classroom is down from an average of 2 weeks prior to the creation of the program to 4 hours.

The Hot Spare equipment is purchased as part of the annual budget of the IT Classroom Service and Support Center. The Hot Spare equipment typically is a combination of new and recycled equipment. Recycled equipment is equipment that has been replaced with new equipment purchased as an upgrade to existing equipment in a technology based classroom. The Hot Spare equipment should not be confused with upgrade replacement equipment.

Upgrade replacement equipment is funded under the IT System Life Cycle budget. The technology based classrooms and labs upgrade schedule is determined by a committee hosted by the IT Classroom Manager. Committee members will be selected to represent the corresponding academic departments, physical plant and associated IT sections. The committee will review the list of recommended upgrades and provide the CIO with a priority list that can be reviewed with Academic Deans and Senior Staff.

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