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Email Distribution Lists

There are several campus Listserv lists available to members of the College community. You may subscribe or unsubscribe from these lists at any time. The purpose of these lists is to allow faculty and staff members the opportunity to choose whether to receive messages in each of these subject areas. Keep in mind that you must be a subscriber to these listservs to send messages to them, and the messages must come from your subscribed address. Messages to each of these lists are also posted in the Exchange Public Folder tree under Distribution Lists.

*** Please make sure when posting to a listserv that your content is appropriate for that particular listserv. ***

Listserv Purpose Link to Subscribe Link to Unsubscribe
Faculty/Staff Listserv

To disseminate announcements to Faculty and Staff members for the conduct of College business.

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Faculty Listserv

To disseminate announcements to Faculty Members for the conduct of College business.

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Job Postings Listserv

Used by Human Resources to disseminate announcements for open positions to the campus community.

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Sports Listserv

To disseminate news and information about College sports events and activities.

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If you encounter problems or have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk at or 843.953.3375.

General User Commands for Listserv

User commands can be emailed to  Do not include a subject line or any text in the body of the email other than the command. Angle brackets are used to indicate optional parameters.

SUBSCRIBE listname <your_full_name>
Subscribe to a list or change your name if already subscribed.

SIGNOFF listname
Remove yourself from a specific listserv.

CHANGE listname newaddress
Change your email address on a specific list.

CONFIRM listname
Confirm your subscription to a specific list.

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